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  • Ray
  • Heva
Published: 2021/08/04 244 views

About this episode

Ray interviews Heva from Line Sticker Maker about experiencing this year's WWDC remotely from Fukuoka, Japan.


  • About the Host
    • Ray, originally from Taiwan, current iOS Developer of LINE Client team, (Shop part)
    • Heva, originally from China, current iOS Developer of LINE Sticker Maker team

Introducing Heva

  • How did Heva decide to come to LINE?
  • Heva’s project, LINE Sticker Maker

WWDC this year

  • About this year’s WWDC online events
  • WWDC Lounges that we enjoyed
  • How to have a good experience

Comparison with past experiences of WWDC

  • Lounges are great for learning more
  • Online quizzes looked fun, a pity we couldn’t join
  • Pre-prepared videos are easier to follow and understand
  • The Developer app

New topics introduced this year

  • Swift Packages and Swift Package Manager
  • LINE Sticker Maker experience with SPM
  • Hope we get to learn them soon…

Ending 17:20

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